Builders of constructive result.

Our approach

Circular and Modular construction

CNSTRCT offers relevant and future-proof solutions for construction and real estate issues by using sustainable materials, the lowest possible CO2 emissions, high energy efficiency and the reuse of new and existing real estate and materials.

Sustainability is central to both our way of working and our projects. By closing all cycles and working and building circularly, those quantities are drastically reduced.

At CNSTRCT, we do this by providing solutions for all projects that meet customer and market demand throughout the entire life cycle. The building adapts to the users in terms of size, circumstances, needs and wishes.

CNSTRCT goes for recycling, upcycling and high-quality reuse. Manufacturable, scalable and affordable. Don’t demolish, disassemble. Don’t waste, reuse.

Our integral (re)building projects always lead to great end results. Whether you need a new building, a redevelopment, a complete fit out or a new interior:
We ensure that everything is executed according agreements, with specialists in construction, renovation, transformation, fit out in one team. Fast, flexible, decisive and multidisciplinary!



From tenant to real estate investor

Whether you’re a tenant, real estate investor, manager or developer of real estate? You can rely on us as your general contractor.
For an integral approach of your project or parts thereof. Good to know: our service and ideas always go from A to Beyond.

What does CNSTRCT offer?

✔ New build and rebuild
✔ Fit outs and renovations
✔ Innovative solutions and advice
✔ Construction work
✔ Interior
✔ Paint works and wall finishing
✔ Floor finishing and upholstery
✔ Permit process
✔ BIM drawing
✔ Installation works

How we work

Step 1: Design
The basis of everything. A phase of consideration and making decisions. All aspects and wishes from hull to design are combined in the final design. We will link the right architect to your project if you don’t have an architect yet.

Step 2: Engineering & preparation
In this phase we will share our cost estimate for construction without surcharge. We aim for a short lead time, but will always provide you with a deadline guarantee while focussing on quality, sustainability and efficiency.

Step 3: Realization & project coordination
The work preparation is finalized so we can start the execution and make everything visible. Building exactly what we discussed, designed and agreed. We do this with minimal inconvenience and with a well thought project approach and management: fast, efficient, satisfactorily and with a deadline guarantee!

Step 4: Aftercare & maintenance
The completion and delivery of the project. For both you as a customer and ourselves, this is the moment we have been looking forward to. But right after completion we continue to take care of things. Every project needs maintenance and you can count on us for that too. Also after the warranty period.

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