Builders of constructive result.

Our green side

Lean & Green

Building and furnishing sustainably is essential in current and future projects. We are committed to the joint responsibility to invest in this. Whenever possible, we choose to build Lean & Green, with an eye for people, society and environment.

We strive for successful long-term collaborations, focussed on our employees, customers, business partners as well as the environment. Careful and economical use of raw materials and energy sources play an important part in the way we work.

We also take good care of our employees by giving them challenging projects along with pleasant working conditions. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the important pillars in our organization. A CSR project group is actively making sure all of our employees are informed and activated to work on this company wide goal.

Why green and sustainable?

As a main contractor, we play a crucial role in the sustainable realization of new construction, renovation, renovation and maintenance with environmentally friendly and reuse of materials. Lean & green building is part of our DNA. After all, anything that adds no value to you as a client is regarded as waste in the Lean philosophy.

Your advantages:

✔ More customer value
✔ Less waste
✔ Faster construction time
✔ More efficiency
✔ Improved building process
✔ Optimal cooperation

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