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Boon’s Market is one of the newest supermarket formulas in the Netherlands. The Boon family has been active as a wholesaler for more than 125 years. Currently the fourth generation of the family is leading the company. Ever since the start of the company in 1888 listening to the customer has been central.

From the beginning of the launch of Boon’s market, CNSTRCT was closely involved in the realization and rollout of the Boon formula. The idea behind the formula is to create a marketplace feeling through the layout, materialization and use of color.
As a contractor and during the preliminary, CNSTRCT was not only responsible for the realization but also had an advisory role in process and building methodology.

In the meantime, CNSTRCT has already been able to realize various stores. And because of the success of both the partnership and the stores, the foundation has been laid for a bright future.

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