Builders of constructive result.

Jumbo is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands with large ambitions. Jumbo does everything to satisfy customers more than a hundred percent At the lowest price and with the best service. They also guarantee it with their unique 7 Securities. Including the head quarter office and distribution centers there are about 60,000 people working for Jumbo.

This beautiful Jumbo store is characterized by a combination of LaPlace elements and the recognizability of the supermarket according to the latest Jumbo formula.

An extra special project because of the logistical challenges due to its location in the center of Rotterdam. Proper preparation, efficient work and tight control were extra important because there was no storage facility for the supply of building materials. No problem for our experienced team. After each supply, materials were immediately used. A complete refurbishment was delivered, including beautiful canopies on the ceiling and a food corner where fresh pizzas are made.

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