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In January 2019, Master Keeman opened his doors in the center of Waalre. The new initiative of three entrepreneurs from Eindhoven bring an accessible grand café with a cosy atmosphere and city quality.

In this former library and school building in the center of Waalre a beautiful restaurant has been realized – in a short time and after a design by King Kongs. The build management and execution were in safe hands with CNSTRCT. The building was almost entirely stripped and then professionally rebuilt. With large windows, the use of very different materials and prints in warm tones, a large bar at the entrance, modern furniture and references to the past, the result is both attractive and inviting as well. This was a challenging construction project but with our experienced construction team we successfully completed it to the satisfaction of the client.

large 006a-KingKongs-MeesterKeeman-2019
large 011-KingKongs-MeesterKeeman-2019
large 013-KingKongs-MeesterKeeman-2019
large 002-KingKongs-MeesterKeeman-2019
large 007a-KingKongs-MeesterKeeman-2019
large Voor en zijkant buiten
large Voor frontaal buiten
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