Builders of constructive result.

Shopping centre LageLand is located in the Rotterdam district of Prins Alexanderpolder. Centrally located between the popular districts of Schenkel, Prinsenland, Oosterflank and the district of LageLand, it is a strong neighborhood shopping center with a large catchment area.

On behalf of NSI, CNSTRCT was responsible for expanding the LageLand shopping center in Rotterdam with approx. 2,000 m2. This is a very busy shopping center with a large service area and a very varied range of shops. We made sure we built with as little inconvience as possible. A lot of shoppers had to keep access to all stores. CNSTRCT expanded a substantial amount for Jumbo and a new location for Zeeman was realized.

The result: a shopping center, upgraded with a larger and better diversity of stores and a significantly improved shopping experience.

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