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In 1973 the surprising adventure of Søstrene Grene started in Aarhus, Denmark. Started by the two older sisters Grene, Anna and Clara, who with passion create small bright spots in daily life. In the meantime a global retail chain with a very special atmosphere. Experiences for the customer come first with an assortment of, among other things, home furnishings, office supplies, gift packaging, hobbies, cooking and toys for the little ones.

The Danish retail chain Søstrene Grene is growing the number of shops in the Netherlands. To our great pleasure, CNSTRCT was able to make a valuable contribution to this growing retailer!

On behalf of GUTS, CNSTRCT was asked to take care of all construction work. In this close and pleasant cooperation, the construction team succeeded in delivering a magnificent store that enriches the Rechtestraat in Eindhoven.

Client happy, construction team happy, Eindhoven happy ……. what more do you need? On to the next successful project!

large Sostrene EHV winkelinterieur diep
large Sostrene Grene Eindhoven 1
Den Bosch
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