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> 1500 m2

In the 1930s Superior Packaging starts with the production of gummed paper tape. In the 1950s a new material popped-up: self-adhesive, plastic tape. Superieur Packaging sees the opportunity and turns its adhesive tape division into an independent tape company, Supertape. The Industry of Self-Adhesive Materials Supertape NV is established on March 26, 1962, one of the 1st European factories in self-adhesive PVC packaging tape.

In Etten-Leur, a wonderful new office of approximately 2,000 m2 was realized for Supertape.

Many meters of glass wall, window films and window decorations, walls, ceilings and floors were provided by the CNSTRCT team.

The result is a nice sleek look. And, a satisfied client.

large Super tape227325
large Super tape227260
Super tape227256
Super tape227224
large Super tape227198
Super tape227306
Super tape227193
large Super tape227178
large Super tape227212
Super tape227099
Super tape227032
large Super tape227066
large Super tape227052
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