Builders of constructive result.
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HMC wants to provide the best care close to home of patients from the Hague region. Where necessary, various specialists work together in treatment teams.

The project pressure was high at HMC (Haaglanden Medical Center) Leidschendam, but that’s our strength. In some places the rubble was still literally on the floor and elsewhere construction work had already started. Walls and ceilings were mounted at a furious pace, floors were laid and interior was placed. It was important we made sure we built with as little inconvenience as possible, because the building and adjacent hospital were operational during the renovation.

Various types of areas have been realized; pantries, offices gardens, concentration areas and meeting rooms. We are proud of our team that managed to deliver quickly, smartly and within the deadline due to the right preparation.

large HMC Leidschendam173256
large HMC Leidschendam173336
HMC Leidschendam173270
HMC Leidschendam173306
HMC Leidschendam173362
HMC Leidschendam173357
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