Builders of constructive result.

The principles of founders Dick and Mac McDonald still form the basic philosophy of McDonald’s worldwide: Quality, Service, Crack Brightness and Value for Money (KSK & W).

After a successful and in time delivery of a new McDonald’s in Apeldoorn, our team started a new but similar project Barendrecht. Here too, the new look and feel was applied. Within no time, this restaurant was once again completely “ready for business” while the McDrive remained open all the time.

A great achievement from the construction team that worked together perfectly. The result is beautiful and the customer satisfied.

large McDonalds Barendrecht vooraanzicht
large McCafe buffet mc cafe
large Hoge tafel en ramen
large PHOTO-2019-04-01-10-20-35
Balie cafe
large Zitgedeelte met borden
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