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> 1500 m2

Coop is a committed supermarket that believes in the power of collaboration: together you make the difference! They offer good products for a fair price for their customers. In addition, they are considered regarding environment and committed to honest and fresh food from a reliable origin.

large Coop Ridderkerk 195751
Coop Ridderkerk 195849
Coop Ridderkerk 195901

CNSTRCT has been asked by COOP to realize many stores in collaboration with Jezz project management.
As the main contractor, CNSTRCT is responsible for the structural part of the entire installation package which must be carried out according to the COOP formula book.

Time and time again the challenge is to realize inviting supermarkets in a short period of time and with a tight budget. A challenge that we more than likely take on!

Coop Ridderkerk 195777
Coop Ridderkerk 195831
Coop Ridderkerk 195955
Coop xtra
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