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Van den Bosch Transporten is a leading international logistics service provider and, with an annual volume of 2.4 million tonnes of transported products, they belong to the top 10 in Europe in the field of bulk transport. The spearhead of the company is the organization of global supply chain activities for customers in the food and chemical sector, and distinguishing themselves as a specialist in intermodal transport. This means that road, water and rail are optimally combined to transport various liquid and dry bulk materials to the right destination.

For the headquarters of Transport specialist Van den Bosch, we were able to realize a beautiful office. Except for the architectural walls we completely stripped and rebuilt the office. Walls, ceilings, installations, various types of floors, lighting, painting, etc. were addressed on all floors. The result is a modern office with a warm atmosphere with open-plan offices, meeting rooms to meet both seated and standing with glass and photo walls, compartments, individual workrooms and pantries with custom furniture. The client, the construction team, architect STRK and our professionals worked beautifully together.

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